Installation view of Per Barclay, 2019


Carpintarias de São Lázaro is an old Carpenters workshop building from the late 1920s: a three storey edifice with an Art-Deco-Façade and industrial interior finishing. After a fire in 2012 it was structurally reinforced, permitting a new use of the rooftop for open-air activities during summer and good weather periods.

Carpintarias de São Lázaro’s activities happen on the several floors and spaces the building is equipped with. The Main floor (Piso 0) is reserved for cultural activities, as exhibitions, theatre, dance and music presentations for a public that can go from 80-800 persons; it is also a favourite space for hosting events and activities of other enterprises and organizations. Characteristic for the main floor of the cultural centre are the 7m high ceilings and the big window’s façades characteristic iron grid that float the space with strong natural light during the day. The main floor is equipped with a rigging system that permits a highly flexible system of construction of different spaces with theatre curtains that can be put up, isolating visually and acoustically the open space of c. 350 m2 into smaller spaces creating different programming locations if necessary.

The second biggest space is located downstairs, with approximately 300 m2 and with its 4.5m high ceilings is destined for rehearsals, office spaces, artist residency spaces, educational activities, as well as presentations in Fine arts and Performative arts, or smaller music concerts.

The principal goal of the Carpintarias’ programming team is to develop their work and program transversely, following the idea of “contamination” between the different departments, with original projects by Carpintarias, as well as hosting projects by other companies and organizations, always within the area of contemporary creation, and communicating with the diverse publics that will meet in this new cultural space: the city, the neighbours, and the world.

The new architectural project for the space of Carpintarias de São Lázaro was elaborated by Architect Filipe Borges de Macedo in close collaboration with the direction of the Cultural Center.

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