Applications are open for five creative work groups with the artist Bruno Reis, selected for the first Music Buskers residency at Carpintarias de São Lázaro.

These workshops are open to all, from musicians to merely curious people, it is free and will start in October 20 to November 20, in sessions of 2 hours per week, with limited capacity up to 10 people per group. The process of selecting the participants of this workshops will be based on a brief motivational and presentation text made by each candidate.

This artistic residency will culminate, as the fruit of the workshops and involving all its participants, in street shows and in a concert within the space of the Cultural Center, this with the production of Carpintarias de São Lázaro.

Applications should be submitted to until October 15 with the presentation and motivation text, contacts and date preferences for the workshops.

If applying to more than one workshop, please state the order of your preference.

More about this residence:
The residency for Music Buskers has the objective of valuing and giving due attention to the community of artists, especially in the field of music, who use, throughout the world, their talent, musical knowledge and culture and their mastery of both instruments, and digital tools, in their numerous formats and possibilities, to "hit the road", travel and get to know the world, using this power combined in a creative and innovative way as a means of subsistence and personal enrichment.
Carpintarias now welcomes the musician Bruno Reis in this artist residency to encourage the sharing of knowledge and experience: sharing musical and artistic knowledge - about ways of presenting the work to the different publics on the street, the technical side of the instruments, materials and technologies employed; but also knowledge related to life experience - options, opportunities and risks - so to inspire and launch new perspectives on how to develop adaptation skills based on tools such as creativity and innovation, knowledge and autonomy,tolerance and solidarity.

About the artist:
Bruno Reis (1988), born in Porto, is a musician with professional and academic training and a self-taught, bilingual multidisciplinary artist; interested in anthropology, sociology and philosophy, he travels the world as street musician, living a nomadic life style.

The relationship with music began when he was a child, with 14 years old he already recorded songs in programs like Ejay. He began to express himself through the creation of samples by mixing formats such as vinyl and cassettes that his father had, using a Casio keyboard. He began his career producing instrumental for musicians and began vocal practice through Beat-box, a common technique at the time.

Bruno Reis attended Soares dos Reis Art School between 2005 and 2008, where he had his first interaction with street performance. He participated in a street show group influenced by circus art and traditional Portuguese music, Círculo de Fogo, created by his Geometry teacher. Finishing school, between 2008 and 2009, with a modelling and 3D animation course at the University of Thames Valley in London and, in the two years that followed he performed in the street and for events with his first animation group also formed by his former colleagues from the art school.

Academically, between 2011 and 2013, he attended the University of
Huddersfield, in England, where he studied music technologies. An opportunity that allowed him to explore musical history and experimental and contemporary music. During these years he was part of an extra-curricular experimental free-improvisation group called Edges Ensemble, led by a university professor, where he had the opportunity to exchange musical experiences and perform live.

It was at this time that he launched himself as a freelancer by composing music and sonoplasty for cinema, working with different emerging filmmakers, from documentary cinema, to author's short films, Idents and commercials, up to the experimental cinema.

In the last years he has been between Portugal, France and, more often, Switzerland, where he is part of several independent artistic collectives such as the Anarchist Choir of Lausanne and the FMR (Vevey) collective.

At the moment, he works on two musical projects. One Jazz/Fusion project where he plays drums with a German pianist and a solo street project as One Man Orchestra involving "live looping". In this last project, the musician tries to achieve alone, through the technique of looping, mixing guitar, voice, piano, drums and other instruments of orchestra in a solo show, using Midi and different VSTs.

By travelling alone since a very young age and by the most recent habit of
hitchhiking, the artist acquired autonomy and confidence for his life as a music busker. From 2012 on, Bruno Reis started to travel across Europe performing solo on the streets, making this lifestyle his daily life and work. A musician who through these experiences acquired knowledge about the world and people.

An experience that Bruno highlights from his journey as a musician and traveler was the time spent at Sines World Music Festival. There he could play with hundreds of musicians from all over the world on the street. Sometimes they came to 50 people, playing all kinds of instruments in improvisations that lasted from the end of the festival concerts until the morning after. An immense cacophony in the most varied genres of music in a spontaneous and judgment-free way.

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