Views “Domestic Essays” at Carpintarias de São Lázaro, Lisboa    
© Bruno Lança, 2019

Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2019 / Associate Project

Domestic Essays, by MOB Projects

Opening: Friday, October 11, at 7pm

October 12 - November 17, 2019

Special program and guided tours:

Thursday, Oct 31: Schools Open Day
2-4pm: Guided tours with Eduardo Corales, co-founder and co-director of MOB Projects
(registration through e-mail: carpintarias(a)

Sunday, Nov 17, 4pm and 6pm: Guided tours with Eduardo Corales, co-founder and co-director of MOB Projects as part of Lisbon Art Weekend.

Ivan Navarro & Courtney Smith, Chile / USA © Bruno Lança, 2019

FALA Atelier, Portugal © Bruno Lança, 2019

Invited teams to participate in Domestic Essays were:

- MAIO, Spain 
- Ivan Navarro & Courtney Smith, Chile / USA
- BAST, France 
- Fernanda Fragateiro, Portugal
- Alejandra Prieto & Pablo Valle, Chile
- FALA Atelier, Portugal
- Plan Común, Chile
- Martinez - Barat Lafore, France
- Boris Gusic & Lucio Crignola, Switzerland 
- Nicolás Aracena, Chile
- Erika Nakawaga, Japan 
- Benjamín Ossa, Chile
- SAMI Arquitectos, Portugal
- Javier Toro Blum, Chile

From October 12 to November 17, Carpintarias de São Lázaro - Cultural Center will host the exhibition “Domestic Essays” by MOB Projects, as an associate project of Lisbon’s Architecture Triennale.

MOB is an international incubator and producer of furniture designed by artists and architects. Headquartered in Lisbon and Santiago de Chile, MOB Projects invites both emerging and consolidated creators, from different places in the world, to present furniture pieces in order to create interdisciplinary crossings around collective, domestic and the rational condition as an intrinsic practice of architects and artists, as it is furniture design.

In the attempt of turning architecture and art into a shared and understandable language, the scale of furniture appears as a common ground for research, criticism and experimentation of new practices, which through a tactile and close scale, generate a series of questions around interior space and the relationship of objects with the common world and the home user. Through rationality, it is possible to achieve a contemporary interpretation of the world and build a theory of society, this project being a tool to achieve these domestic goals, exploring the closest scale between its creators and people. MOB is founded by Eduardo Corales, Javier Toro Blum and Piedad Aguilar, under an interdisciplinary perspective that aims to blur barriers and bet on a particular expression within art, design and architecture.

Fernanda Fragateiro, Portugal  © Bruno Lança, 2019

Curating and Production MOB Projects (Eduardo Corales, Javier Toro Blum e Piedad Aguilar)

Co-producers MPG Mobiliário de escritório, MARMETAL S.A. Mármores

Support Embaixada do Chile em Portugal

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