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INMUNE - Black Women in Portugal Institute

March 22, 9.30pm

Tickets: 3

Created by: Zia Soares
Performers: Alesa Herero, Denise Viana,
Joacine Katar Moreira, Raquel Lima
Photography: Marlene Nobre
Graphic Design: Neusa Trovoada
Co-production: BoCA, INMUNE

Voices without language reach where the language of speech cannot reach. Chants without music arrive where the song cannot sound. Groundless feet reach where the earth is fertile, where the dead have always been present.

The place of pain to heal the wound is often unlikely. But overcoming pain is the utopian way to get to the other side. Who can hear? Who can scream? What is there to repair? Who will not last? What is missing?

The Institute of Black Women in Portugal - INMUNE, thus responds to BoCA's invitation to create a spoken word performance around the themes surrounding the creation of this intersectional and anti-racist feminist entity, consisting of black women.

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