Dec 2 2020, 8:30 pm
Concert / final show

"MIC®Om@cro" by Bruno Reis

Artistic residency Musicbuskers

Wednesday, December 2, at 8:30 pm is the Final Project show of the Artistic Residency of Music Buskers (Street Musicians) realized by the selected artist Bruno Rocha Reis along side with the participants of the 5 creative workshops directed by the musician and involving Live looping, Circuit Bending, Free improvisation, Vocal improvisation and Soundpainting.

The culmination of a project that emerges as a laboratory of socio-musical experience, an awakening of senses, a challenge of ears and hearts, study of sound and silence, chaos and order, as disparingly complementary parts.

These workshops gathered all kinds of people, from musicians to merely curious, from different nationalities, interests, backgrounds and experiences. The rehearsal that followed the workshops now prepares this wednesday’s final concert.

THE GOAL: This concert aims to position the public as an active receiver of sound paintings and experiences, where virtuosity and improvisation meet each other. It deals with the dichotomic tension between Nature and Artifice, Accoustic and Digital, New and Old, Good and Bad, Big and Small, Peace and Revolution.A living work of sound journeys with people from different life paths and parts of the world. Among professionals and amateurs, what connects them is music as a root, acceptance of error, the multicultural spectrum, co-creation and intersection of ideas and disciplines.Music as comm.unity

The box office works by donation, given to the resident musician.

Zuleica Ferreira, Maria Sabatini, Alessandro Mansueto, William Primett, Marinho Pina, André Pinto, Elisabetta Marcora, Aurelie McKellican, Ana Rita Dias, Nadia Connell, Mick Mengucci, Martim Morais

THE RESIDENCY: The residency for Music Buskers has the objective of valuing and giving due attention to the community of artists, especially in the field of music, who use, throughout the world, their talent, musical knowledge and culture and their mastery of both instruments, and digital tools, in their numerous formats and possibilities, to "hit the road", travel and get to know the world, using this power combined in a creative and innovative way as a means of subsistence and personal enrichment.

THE MUSICIAN: Bruno Reis (1988), born in Porto, is a musician with professional and academic training and a self-taught, bilingual multidisciplinary artist; interested in anthropology, sociology and philosophy, he travels the world as street musician, living a nomadic life style.

Soundcloud page of the artist

Box office: opens at 7:30 pm
Doors: open at 8:00 pm

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