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Caterina Barbieri

March 23, 10pm

Entrance: 10€ / 8€ under 30 years old

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Caterina Barbieri

Caterina Barbieri's music comes from a meditation on the primary waves and the polyrhythmic dance of harmonics in synthetic sounds, on the border between drone, minimalism and techno. Through its modular minimalist language, Caterina Barbieri explores the psychophysical effects of repetition and pattern-based operations, investigating the polyphonic potential and polyrhythmic sequencers to draw complex geometries over time. Her algorithmic approach to composition rooted in minimalism and Indian tradition, and her pragmatic attitude towards sequences, unfolds in surprisingly organic, almost tangible sound images, which she herself refers to as “extaltic computing”. Barbieri is a master of potentially hypnotic effects of psychoacoustic repetition on the mind human.

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