Want to present your work at the museum?
Interested in provocative art collaborations?
Familiar with filmmaking, CGvideo, 3Dmodeling?
Have time to invest in art making?


Art project by 22 - artists in residency at Carpintarias
de São Lázaro.

The project is a multimedia art exploration of Anjos-Intendente-Martim Moniz area in Lisbon. To promote and preserve the uniqueness of diverse boroughs composing the area 22 hosts collaborative laboratories on filmmaking, 3D modelling and animation at Carpintarias de São Lázaro. Within the laboratories participants will work on collaborative art pieces and develop their skills in 3D-Modelling, Photogrammetry, MotionCapture, techniques of filming and video editing as well as integrate into the approach of 22 to art work with communities.

You will work, walk, study, interact, discuss, debate, create and discover ALOT at these laboratories. If you are not interested in all that, please, do not apply. The art we are going to create is unknown yet, we will make it together

Despite the Laboratory format usually emphasises the process over the finished product LAB-LAB-LAB project will result into the group exhibition of created pieces in January 2020 at Carpintarias de São Lázaro Cultural Center.

LabLabLab welcomes all willing species to apply. All laboratories are open for experienced and beginner participants. All applicants meeting the requirements will be invited for face-to-face interview.

Please, note:
•  laboratory classes for the groups will be held on twice a week + open hours for extra interested participants.
•  you need to have personal laptop or computer to participate.
•  laboratory language - English

You want to be part of this? Then please fill out your application online here until Nov 20.

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Multimedia art project by 22 - artists   in residency at   Carpintarias De São   Lázaro

We invite all representatives of   Anjos-Intendente-   Martim Moniz area   to take part in the casting for the   movie we are making to preserve   and promote the   unique culture of   the neighbourhood.
We will cast for actors, artists, sound designers,   musicians, dancers, karate master, Buddhist monk,   cameramen, postproduction, unique fellows, strange   people, Chinese   grandmas, African shamans, ninjas,   singers, everybody who remembers old stories and   wants to create new ones.
- The age - does not matter
- the professional occupation - does not matter
- the experience in movie making - does not matter as   well.   

The main matter is that you belong to the area of   Anjos-Intendente-Martim Moniz. In case you pass the   interview we will guide you through   the whole   filmmaking process. You   may become a hero or   create your   own story of the neighbourhood.

To take part, please, fill out the form here until Dec   1st.

Please note:
- The schedule for the project will be provided after   Nov 15
- The shooting starts after Nov 15
- Educational classes for film production will be held   two times a week in Nov-Dec
- If you plan to participate as filmmaker, sounddesigner or postproduction specials make sure you have your personal laptop or computer

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