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Mission and Dream

Carpintarias de São Lázaro are the new Cultural Center in the city of Lisbon, which opened in 2017. The mission at the Center is to promote Contemporary culture and arts, from Visual Arts to Music, Theatre and Dance, Cinema and Gastronomy, in the heart of the Portuguese capital.
The Cultural Center proposes integration through culture, where creativity, innovation and multidisciplinarity are combined to create the opportunity to bring together people, communities and knowledge.

The Center is located on Colina de Santana, near to Martim Moniz and Mouraria, Lisbon's historic area, where over the years a vibrant multi-cultural reality has been growing into the traditional Lisbon neighborhoods.

The program of Carpintarias de São Lázaro focuses mainly on the various cultural areas, encouraging their crossing in a perspective of contamination.

Carpintarias de São Lázaro’s program also reserves a space for presentation and debate from the perspective of how creativity and innovation helps to create opportunities for a fairer and more sustainable development of our contemporary society.

View of the exhibition Showroom by Los Carpinteros, 2017
(CIAC - Capital Ibero Americana de Cultura 2017) image: Marco Pires, 2017

View of the exhibition Shadows by Alfredo Jaar, 2017 (CIAC - Capital Ibero Americana de Cultura 2017) image: Vasco Stocker de Vilhena, 2019                               


Direction and Programming
Fernando Belo & Alda Galsterer
Commercial Director 
Pedro Franco
Space manager and logistics 
Luís Leal

Communication and Production Assistant
Luísa Correia da Silva

Paulo Caetano / Susana Barros
International Fundraising
Andreas Galsterer

Graphic communication and promotion assistant 
Ana Moreno Malta
Volunteers team
[Imago Photo Festival: Bettina Muzzi, Débora Brito, Ivanova Araújo, Joana Vieira, José Lobato, Manuela Moog, Maria Pato, Naomi Machado]

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1150-199 Lisbon, Portugal

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